A band of creatives who will do, well...designs.

We are a bunch of artsy friends who are obsessed with solving design problems

"Always design the cool stuff!"

We don't try to reinvent the wheel with our process. The conversation will always start with, what are you about? And what do you see when you think about that? We want to make what you dreamt up in your mind, real! On the other hand, if you have no idea, we are really good at coming up with stuff too! Our motto is and will always be, "Always design the cool stuff!" And we try our best to stick to it.

But don't take our word for it. Look for yourself! And if you trust us already, (good job!), go ahead and drop us a line!

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They said it. Not us.

Thanks for everything you guys have done, you guys do great work!
Greg Boyle, Kickin' 2 Beats
Thanks so much, I am very impressed by your work...Overall I love what you guys have done!
John Sloan, Helping Hands Campaign
Everyone here loves the map illustration and shirts. Great job on the designs!
Jason Clark, Paxahau

So who are we ? Good Question.

We've worked for these guys. Are you next?

The pretty pictures !
What we "will do" for you. Get it?


WillDo Services
Here's all the things we are good at!

  • We can design your website from the bottom up! Mobile, Responsive, Wordpress ready!

  • From Business Cards to Annual Reports to Billboards; We do it all!

  • We've done Promotional Websites, Web Banners, Print Ads, etc!

  • Not only will we design, but we will make sure everything conveys the message of your product or service!

Here's what we do in the form of a cool bar graph!



  • 90%IN DESIGN

  • 89%HTML/CSS

So why use us?

We actually stick to deadlines. Right? We know! We are honest with our timelines and tell our clients what is happening everyday on their projects from day 1 to day 15. It's important to us for our clients to have a clear view of what to expect, and for us to have a clear understanding of what you need done, and when you need it done by. It doesn't matter how cool the campaign we design is, if it's two weeks late. We are really good under pressure and most of the time, you guys come with it! Let us take some of the pressure of releasing your project and/ or service on time by trusting that we will always hold up our end of the bargain!

One thing we all have here at WillDo is experience with the Agency work style. Thus, our system of checks and balances has been fine tuned over years of working for some of the most successful creative firms here in MI; From Global Hue, to Solomon Friedman Advertising, to Team Detroit. By the time your project goes live, it will be pixel perfect, syntax error free and ready to use.

We try to bring the best of what we've learned in our years working for larger traditional creative agencies, and make it accessible to those who just need great, effective design. No fluff, no run-arounds, just great work. If you are a start-up looking to launch the next great idea, or an established organization looking for a quick promo site, we can handle the project and handle it efficiently. Amazing, effective and timely design and marketing work at a big agency level, done at a boutique firm price.


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